Hedaya Launches a How-To Guide on “Undermining Violent Extremist Narratives in South East Asia”

Hedayah is excited to announce the launch of Undermining Violent Extremist Narratives in South East Asia: A How-To Guide. This report contains practical advice for civil society organizations and practitioners to develop effective narratives that counter the approaches of Daesh, Al-Qaida, Jemaah Islamiyah and other violent extremists in the region. The guide also contains clear examples of counter-messages, case studies, and links to videos and websites that are relevant to supporting the development of counter-narratives.

The compendium was announced on 30 August 2016 by the Hon Michael Keenan MP, Minister for Justice and Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Counter Terrorism, of the Australian Attorney-General’s Department. The compendium was a practical outcome recommended by the participants of Australia’s Regional Summit to Counter Violent Extremism, which took place in Sydney in June 2015. The compendium will be available in Bahasa, Malay and Tagalog in addition to English at a later date on Hedayah’s website.

The project was sponsored by the Attorney-General’s Department of Australia as part of their commitment to preventing and countering violent extremism and terrorism. For more about the launch, click the following link: How To Guide

To view the guide, click the following link: Guide

The examples of counter-narratives contained in the compendium have also been uploaded into Hedayah’s Counter-Narrative Library, an online portal and database of existing, open-source counter-narratives. For more information on how to access the Library, please contact cnlibrary.admin@hedayah.ae.