Africa’s new Middle Class as a Force of Radicalization.
The rapid growth of the middle class in the developing world is widely seen as one of the most promising demographic developments in the 21st century. … Read More


Boko haram girlsGirls as the New Weapons of Terror in West Africa.
Africa is in the thralls of a growing specter of gender-based violent extremism. The role of women in violent extremism has grown in tandem with the spiraling threat of terrorism globally… Read More.


Horn_of_AfricaCounter Terrorism in the Horn of Africa: New Security frontiers, old strategies.
The US-led ‘war on terror’ dramatically changed America’s security strategy towards Africa. But more fundamentally, it threw the Horn of Africa on the centre stage of global counter-terrorism. A double-edged blade, counter-terrorism has at once catalysed peace processes and intensified insecurity, with Islamic radicalism at the core of the regional stormRead More

UnCrafting a new Global Counter-Extremism Architecture: The RESOLVE Network.
The world is at the nib of a major paradigm shift in its response to the escalating wave of violent extremism. This shift focuses on research networks such as Researching Solutions to Violent Extremism (Resolve) … Read More.


From Reaction to Research: Exploratory Thoughts on Counter-Extremism Policy in Africa, API Research Notes, Issue No.1, February 2016. 
A new focus on research solutions to the growing problem of violent extremism is poised to shape a robust counter-extremism policy in Africa… Read More